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Lesson Plan

Date: 16/4/2014 Term: 2 Week: 6 Year Level: Grade 1

Time/length: 10-10:45pm (45 minutes) Key Learning Area: Actions and Words

Vocabulary involving key classroom words

Context (lesson 2/7, students have substantial and knowledge in relation to the topic)

  • This is the first lesson taught this year on classroom vocabulary.

  • It is lesson 1/2 on vocabulary for this week.

  • It is expected students will have a prior knowledge of classroom vocabulary.

  • Some students may be able to identify basic features within the classroom context.

  • This lesson is taught to a targeted grade 1 class of 16 students that are achieving below grade level.

Curriculum descriptors

Recognize and classify classroom features and vocabularies with reference to linking words and actions.

Lesson outcomes

1. Students will be able to identify and match actions with words.

2. Students will be able to identify features within the learning context or classroom.

3. Students can identify different features while matching words and actions from the teacher.

5 minutes

Getting focused

  • Show flashcard pictures to ensure that students can identify and match them in accordance with the oxford picture dictionary.

Key questions

  • Do you know what this feature is called?


  • Asking specific students to answer to find out their prior knowledge.


  • Oxford picture dictionary

  • Index cards

10 minutes


  • Introduce today we are going to focus on actions and words.

  • Draw example of words and actions for the students to match.

Key questions

  • Can you match these words and actions?

  • Do you know this feature?


  • Whiteboard and whiteboard markers.

15 minutes

  • Provide students with a pegboard and elastic each and sit in a circle.

  • Ask them to make and match words and actions they are familiar with at home and school.

  • Allow a few minutes for them to make their own words. Go around the circle and ask how many words and actions they can match in accordance to classroom environment.

Key questions

  • Can you make a ______?


  • Sit next to children who may need assistance.

  • Provide visuals of the concepts if students need them.


  • Oxford Picture Dictionary

  • Elastics

  • Flash cards

15 minutes


  • Students complete page 18 from their workbooks (identifying and matching words with relevant actions).


  • Allow children who are unsure to sit with teacher on floor to complete work.


  • Page 18of workbook