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Strengths of the lesson

The teacher reinforces the students when they read the words correctly through words like excellent and very good which are positive reinforcements. Reinforcement motivates the students and encourages them to actively take part in the lesson.

When finding out whether the students are able to read the colors, the teacher requests the students to read the colors individually and this is a major strength when it comes to teaching. The teacher is able to assess whether individual students have gotten the concepts taught in class rather than generalizing a situation that occurs when students are requested to read together like a chorus.

Effective use of the blackboard by the teacher is demonstrated. The teacher does not mix up the contents of what she is to teach. For instances, the colors are on one side, on the center, there are items that she wants the students to identify their color and she draws the items she randomly chooses to ask the students their color on the left side of the blackboard. This is a clear demonstration of effective use of the blackboard.

The teacher also uses the student centered approach by involving students in the lesson through questions, discussions on the concepts taught between the teacher and the students and between the students themselves.

Weaknesses of the lesson

One of the most noticeable weaknesses of the lesson is how the teacher begins the lesson by telling the student what she is going to teach them before greeting the students. For effective classroom and lesson management, the teacher should first get acquainted with the students for this will provide the insight and the motivation that the students need to enjoy the lesson. Greeting the students and for instance asking why the student who had not settled before the teacher introduced the lesson shows that the teacher is not only interested in teaching the concepts to the students but also cares for them. It brings the teacher to the level of the students and makes the students feel appreciated and hence create a rapport between the teacher and the students for better understanding of the concepts that the teacher is to teach.

The teacher also ought to have recaptured the previous lesson teaching by asking the students questions on previous lesson before introducing the lesson on colors. This helps the students to warm up to the present lesson and also relate the ideas if it is the same topic.


  • If I were the one teaching the lesson, I would have had more real examples of instructional aides to illustrate colors. For instance, come with pens of different colors among others for the students to identify.

  • In addition, I would have given out homework on colors at the end of the lesson.

  • I would also have requested students to identify all the colors that they could see in the classroom before requesting them for examples of colors outside the classroom. This is based on the fact that, it would have been better to work from a known point to an unknown point.

  • As the teacher, I would also have asked if there were any questions or clarifications that the students needed on the topic that I was presenting at the end of the lesson. This is important for it gives the students the opportunity to seek answers to questions that they may have regarding the concepts taught.