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Comparison of Experimentalism


This essay seeks to establish a comparative music analysis that seeks to understand the linkage musical features and music analytic systems, notably in Jazz and Rock Genre. These analytic systems provide a base to communicate and share the distinct characteristics of different forms of music. Several forms of music have different characteristics and features depending on the type of musical accompaniment used, sounds, or whether it’s a solo song or done in groups. This comparative analysis will give insight on the music development, the type of instruments used and the styles employed to perfect them. In addition, the structures, rhythms, cultural origins and the stylistic origins will be analysed in order to give a distinct comparison.

Jazz is a consortium of mixed cultures; music from African origin inspired by the slave trade, European cultures, and the American music at the beginning of the twentieth century. Moreover, it borrows heavily from the Negro music influenced by the slave trade suffering, rhythms originating from Africa, traditional American band and music together with the harmonies, (Martin p. 50). It further uses some kind of musical accompaniment such as trumpets, piano, saxophone and the bass. The trumpets though expensive were commonly used and this gave it lower pitch characteristic. This form of music was seen as part of every day’s activities, ranging from plantation, celebrations and mourning and during or after work, it was intertwined with the cultural values and so jazz music was inseparable from their day to day works and activities. Jazz was performed by several musicians, bands or as an individual. The group of musicians performing usually has two rows, the melody row, and the other row having the instruments to be used. The instruments row is responsible for the good beats, enhance the rhythm with musical patterns, and provide avenues in support of the solos (Garofalo p. 380).

During the early years of its birth, an avant-garde experimental jazz group knew as weather report produced several pieces which lasted up to thirty minutes. The group’s albums were largely influenced by Afro-European music. Jazz music was also so influential not only in the US and Europe but also in Japan. In Japan, the music was spread by the soldiers after the Second World War. It influenced the Japanese way of life and culturally (Byrne, p 370).

Where words fail music speaks, asserts Poet Hans Christian. This expression is profoundly realised in jazz music. Jazz music has created in increased integration between the whites and blacks in the music scene. Buster Bailey, a black jazz musician denotes that:

One thing I’m happy to see is the integration that’s happening among musicians“” (Zola p.1)

The widespread discrimination was existent, but in the jazz community, the musicians were thought to be equal. The whites were invited to perform in a number of black bands, where some were introduced to the jazz audience such as trombonist Roswell Rudd. A number of great musicians have seen an integration of various nations together, for instance, Dule Ellington named one his albums, Far East while two of Coltrane’s albums were named India and Africa (Zola p.1)

On the other hand, rock is a kind of music made up of standard three chord sequence and it developed in the 1950s, and the electric guitars, string bass vocals are the main musical instruments used. The earliest form of rock music was associated with the young generation who wanted to be different from the older generation. In the 1960s, this kind of music has great influence both culturally and for entertainment which made it the most dominant form of music during that time.(Nielson, 2015). Rock is accessible and is characterised by its poetic nature; this is evidently seen in the melody which is sung with the progression.

There are a number of specific musical practices which differs between jazz and rock music. However, the rock musicians see rhythm as an expressive element. Rock music is also the youngest form of music as compared with the avant-jazz music. Rock music has caused a significant impact in the society; it has influenced daily life, fashion industry where people associate certain attire to rock music, attitudes and even language (Nielson, 2015). Further, this influence is spread mainly through television programs, films. It has been criticised as associated with sex and drugs by many critics. It has also advocated for love and peace among people of diverse race especially the blacks and the whites.

During the period 1960 and 1970, jazz-rock fusion emerged; this kind of music was accompanied by different drumming styles and the electronic instruments. The original rock tunes were used to improvise jazz. This kind of music uses electronic bass guitar which created rhythmic complexity. Rhythm is shared by the jazz and rock music (Garofalo p. 350). According to (Martin p. 200), some of the key albums released during the 1960s included the 1968 album miles in the sky. It was the first album presumed to have used electric instruments. It further argued that the most influential forms of music were recorded during this period. Accordingly, music has aesthetic value to the listeners, offers identity to the musicians both culturally and morally. Authenticity is the originality of the message presented; this is achieved in the production of meaning and the interpretation of music. Different forms of music can express identity in same or different ways in a less or more authenticity. (Byrne p. 290).

In conclusion, it is evident that there are many similarities and differences between the two forms of music, both have some common characteristics; same audience and can have the same message to relay. However the two have different characteristics which distinguish them; this is evidently seen from the musical accompaniments, the sounds; highness and lowness.

Rock music had its roots in jazz, the jazz influence has been greatly muted, and the instruments used include piano, drums and even guitar. The drum beats to accompany the sound produce by an electric string. Jazz, as compared to rock, is the most difficult form of music to perform as compared to rock (Byrne p. 300).

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