Developing Team Cohesion and Facilitating Teamwork Essay Example

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Meeting Facilitator: Group Chairperson

Meeting Attendees: Group Members

The objective of the meeting is to evaluate the progress of the team in relation to meeting its objectives and sort out any issues that hinder the team members from performing as expected.

The goals of the team were to:

  1. The team was mandated with coming up with a proposal that will contain the following on the proposed e-commerce venture:
  2. The product, price, and value to customers
  3. The target market
  4. Means of gathering information on the proposed venture
  5. Expertise
  6. Steps needed to set up the venture
  7. The benefits the investment will bring to Apparel Brands
  8. Cost determination

Key elements of the meeting:

  1. Strategies for team cohesion
  2. The meeting will highlight the objectives of the group so that all members are fully aware of what they have to achieve. The goals and targets will be emphasized.
  3. The meeting will also seek to establish some of the issues that may hinder the members from achieving their objectives and proposed remedies.
  4. The members will be required to come up with strategies for ensuring that the team functions effectively and within the proposed time.

Meeting Minutes

Group Members

Time: 11:00 AM -13:00PM

Location: Apparel Brands Meeting Room


Meeting called to order at 11.00 AM by the Chair, Peter

Progress of the team in relation to the achieving its objectives

The chair noted that the team had made significant strides in coming up with the proposed e-commerce venture. He noted that the team had already identified the target market, the products to be sold, the quality and pricing. The chair reported that all the group members had brainstormed on viable products and the best options selected. All members were reminded of the remaining tasks that were yet to be completed. John was tasked with gathering necessary information for setting up the venture, and Drake was assigned the responsibility of coming up with the steps to set up the e-commerce venture. Emily was told to come up with the benefits of the venture to Apparel Brands, and Sarah was asked to propose ways in which the costs would be determined. All the team members agreed with their responsibilities and promised to perform them to their best.

Issues that may hinder the members from achieving their objectives and proposed remedies

The chair explained that it was prudent to have an effective team if the goals of the group were to be realized. He asked the members to identify some of the issues that were affecting them. John explained that goals and targets should be known by all members. He added that it would be wrong for the members to belong to a group that they did not know its goals. However, the Chair reminded him that all the objectives and targets were clear to the members. He promised to send an email to all members on the same after the meeting. Drake said that all members should be active and contribute fully to achieving the group’s objectives. He added that members should take their time in coming up with the best plans for the proposed online venture. Emily argued that without trust, nothing could be achieved by the team. She noted that all members would stand to benefit equally if the management approved the plan. Sarah proposed that the group find a way of dealing with conflicts that may emerge among the group members. She explained that sometimes ideas might clash and the group may fail to agree on the best solutions. Moreover, Sarah explained that conflicts were common in teams and is a way to show that ideas are being exchanged. The Chair summarized all the problems as highlighted by the members. He asked if any other issues were remaining and the members added none. It was agreed that the members brainstorm solutions to the issues.

Strategies for ensuring that the team functions effectively

The chair asked the members to propose solutions to the issues that affected team cohesion. Several team cohesion strategies were discussed. Foremost it was agreed that members are aware of the goals and targets. A shared vision helps reduce conflict and competition among group members. The Chair noted that all team members were involved in the process of formulating the team’s goals and targets which enabled them to understand the team’s purpose. Also, he said that it is critical to the value everyone’s contribution. The chair explained that successful teams are those where the input of every person is considered important. John added that different team members usually have different competencies and therefore the contribution of everyone helps in the achievement of overall goals. To achieve this, all team members are required to play an active role. Concerning trust, Sarah noted that is a vital element of team cohesion as it allows for open and honest communication to take place within the team. She said that without trust, team members would find it difficult to share ideas and opinions for fear of ridicule and rejection. According to Sarah, trust is something that is achieved with time, and it is expected that the team members will be comfortable with over time. Additionally, Drake proposed that all team members will be empowered to make decisions. Drake explained that team members are more likely to embrace teamwork when they feel that their opinions or ideas contribute positively to the team. Emily argued that due to the difference in opinion, it is expected that conflict will arise among the team members. For her, teams that lack conflict risk group think because members fear to disagree with others people’s opinion. In a case where unhelpful argument and conflict arises, the concerned parties will be provided with independent mediation or facilitation from other group members.

The Chair thanked the members for providing insightful strategies on strengthening teamwork among the members. Based on member’s contributions, he proposed that all members adhere to solutions offered by members. These included being aware of the team goals, trusting one another, having positive conflicts, empowering members to make decisions and solving problems within the group. He requested members to report any challenges that they face so that they are addressed on time. All the members accepted to stick with the new rules that promote cohesion among themselves.

Other Business

Emily noted that members were not restricted to their tasks and could provide suggestions or assist others in coming up with better plans. The Chair asked members to consult with one another on the best strategies for setting up the online venture.

Assessment of the meeting

Sarah thanked the members for keeping time as the meeting run on the exact stipulated time.

Meeting adjourned at 11:03AA