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Performance Plan
Description Researching on already developed apparels online platforms. The aim is to obtain case studies that will assist in creating Apparel Brands. The candidate would search the common platforms, known information about the challenges and successes, and features attached to the case study. The candidate would also search information on development of customer friendly platform and other related information related to website design. Availability of online payment systems and strategies that can be used in integrating into the online platform including identification of weaknesses and strengths of each payment system. Normally, there are numerous payment methods and looking for the commonly used methods and integrating some of these methods is crucial. For example, MasterCard Payoner and PayPal are some of the methods, and incorporating a diverse payment system would suffice in fulfilling the objectives of payment. How can the customers contribute towards designing their own clothes/apparel and resources required in achieving this objective. It includes identification of virtual design platforms, which are easier to use and integrating the system with customer care platform. It includes collecting information from different stakeholders on appropriateness of numerous technological processes and what the customers expects to be attached to the website. The aim is to provide numerous features and applications while also making the website “light” and decongested. Hence, incorporating numerous features such as design programs and reducing clatter is crucial in fulfilling the design objectives.
Dependencies The success depends on the availability of the right resources. The timeline also plays an important role and the extent of availability of information regarding the samples and case studies Awareness of available online platform systems and enough resources to research the online systems. It may also include visiting the local agents or engaging the views of consultants were necessary. Hence, access to information is crucial. Includes accessing correct information from different stakeholders such as customers and consultants. The access to a variety of easy to design programs targeting the clothing industry is crucial. Moreover, Apparel brand should be able to manufacture the customer options.
Timeline Two weeks since the start of the project Two weeks after the first week of the project e.g. after obtaining some information from the case studies Three weeks since the first day when the project starts
Responsibility Team member 1 Team member 1 and 2 Team member 1 with consultation and partnership with other team members
Resources The following are some of the reasons required:

  1. Computer
  2. Computer accessories
  3. Access to the internet
The following are some of the reasons required:

  1. Computer and accessories
  2. Access to the Internet
  3. Access or availability of information on online payment systems
The following are some of the reasons required:

  1. Customer relationship software
  2. Computers and accessories
  3. Access to the internet
  4. Access to some design software, which can assist the customers to design apparel
  5. It may include collecting information from customers
The review is done after daily and weekly. The weekly is a summary of the daily activities and wider impact towards the progress of the project The review is done after daily and weekly. The weekly is a summary of the daily activities and wider impact towards the progress of the project The review is done after daily and weekly. The weekly is a summary of the daily activities and wider impact towards the progress of the project
Measurement: KPI; Outcome The following are the outcomes:

  1. A summary of case studies perused
  2. A document illustrating how these companies approach online platform
  3. Identification of the successes and challenges the companies faces
  4. Identification of areas requiring careful consideration and resource utilization to create an effective platform
The following are the expected outcomes:

  1. Types of payment systems
  2. Advantages and shortcomings of each of the payment systems
  3. Processes of integrating online payment systems to the online platform
  4. Available methods of transferring money from the online platforms to bank accounts
The measurement of the project include:

  1. Ability to associate a design with a customer
  2. The customer can design products that Apparel Brand can manufacture
  3. The design platform should be easier to use
  • Team Policy and Procedures

The following are the team policy and procedures to guide in completing the website design processes:

  1. All members should attend all the meetings as scheduled
  2. Team members ought to avoid activities or behaviors that would embarrass the team members or the team
  3. Adhere to wider policies and frameworks that reflective institutional framework in completing roles/responsibilities and engaging in teamwork
  4. Adhere to time schedules both during attending the meetings and completing assigned duties
  5. Effective communication should be encouraged and clarification sought if necessary
  • Notes from Team meeting/s

The following are some summaries of activities completed during the different meetings:

  1. Meeting 1 – all the members discussed on timing and allocation of duties. The aim was to ensure each individual had to acknowledge the milestones and the wide benefits of achieving the milestones for overall project completion. It also included development of the team policies and procedures and other information related to engagement and respecting the fundamentals of the team work
  2. Meeting 2 – the team members had gone through the project deliverables and reviewed the timings and duties allocation. All the duties were enumerated through brain storming and each individual was allocated to choose duties. The remaining duties were allocated through consultation with a promise of reviewing any problems or challenges.
  3. Meeting 3 – each of the members presented information about the tasks and duties. Some members were requested to provide additional information. The progress of the project was satisfactory and some minor ironing was required to meet the deliverables of the project.
  • Third Party Reports from Each Team Member
Assessment 1 –Third-party report for the candidate:
Did the candidate propose and agree on strategies for ensuring participation of team members?
Describe how:
the candidate contributed to the formulation of timing, meeting arrangements and engagement processes. The timing was integral to the completion of the assignment since the timing was outside lecture hours. Hence, being a moderator, the candidate was able to convince the team to acceptable timing and engagement processes.
Did the candidate help develop policy and procedures to ensure team members take responsibility for own work?
Describe how: Effective communication is integral to any meeting and engagement, and the requirement for each individual to communicate effectively is credited to the candidate. The timing policy and framework and assigning time to different activities are also credited to the candidate. The candidate concerns are timing and effective communication in guiding the meetings and team work fundamentals. The candidate was able to point to numerous benefits of effective communication including reducing instances of misunderstandings and conflicts or not meeting the assigned goals and duties.
Did the candidate work with the group to determine common understanding of organizational requirements and team goals?
Describe how: The candidate was supportive in determining the direction of the team. The candidate provided avenues resulting in effective organizational engagements such as listening to the views of others and integrating these views to the wider objectives of the project. Apart from the timing in furthering organizational objectives, the candidate assisted in setting milestones based on the team goals. The candidate based any decision on the wider picture and achieving the wider goals depended on breaking the entire project into parts and assigning team members these parts. Furthermore, the candidate encouraged the team members to request for assistance and support at the earliest moment possible. The candidate stated that use of emails and social media can suffice during the implementation of the project to improve the capacities associated with physical meetings.
Did the candidate work with the group to determine and agree on specific duties to support team members with assigned responsibilities?
List the candidate’s support duties:

  1. Searching for resources about e-commerce development
  2. Collecting information on how other apparel companies approach e-commerce enterprise
  3. Analyzing information on perceptions and expectations of customers in using online platform
  4. Collecting information on available online payment systems and how these payment systems can be integrated into the online platform
  5. The role of social media in furthering the objectives of the online platform
Did the candidate demonstrate knowledge of group behavior and how to gain consensus and work within groups to enhance team effectiveness?
Describe how the candidate demonstrated this knowledge in their interactions with the team: the candidate adhered to time regulations and task assignment. The candidate arrived on time and ensuring the assignments or role are completed as planned. The candidate was able to provide constructive criticism and supported other team members in completing their respective duties. The candidate furthered the objectives of team work and engagement.
Team member/observer’s name: Signature and date:
Candidate’s name: Signature and date:

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