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Medieval Christian and Islamic concern with the role of God in shaping the human past (and present) came to characterise what History was

Islamic History Writing 1 What are the criticisms of hadith in Islamic history writing? Despite the important role hadith has played in Islamic history writing, it has not survived without criticisms, which revolved around the question of its authenticity. 1At the time hadith emerged, men of eminence among Muslims had

Abstract for assignment

Abstract The Darling Harbor is one of the major tourist attractions in Sydney. The harbor is characterized by a rich traditional history and the present postmodern features. In fact, the transformation from a traditional docklands to a post modern international attraction has been described as a miracle. Indeed, the precinct

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Obesity( traditional vs modern food? medical cost to society?)

(Traditional Vs Modern Food- Medical Cost to Society) Abstract The need to have a balanced diet is the most concern of most nutritionists always. There are frequent calls for people to avoid junk food and concentrate on more fresh and natural food. The call for this move has been because

Why and how did Gandhi’s politics merge the traditional with the modern? Discuss with reference to the primary and secondary sources.

Gandhi’s Politics Introduction In India Mahatma Gandhi’s politics has been an important aspect in the Indian society. He tried to merge the Indian Home rule with what was regarded as a foreign rule for the benefit of the Indian society. Violence was by no means a way of resistance of

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Topic: Tradition, modernity and post modernity. Tradition, modernity and post modernity Although the word tradition may seem quite straightforward in its meaning, the word has been subject to raging debates and revisions since the 1970. As a result, the word is no longer used confidently by any scholar. The word


Introduction Society is a complex entity that is fraught with recurrent changes that shape its transformation. Most social entities experience evolution through deliberate human action or natural forces that are devoid of intent. In most cases, societies respond to change differently depending on their ability to accommodate such effects. The

Short essay ( Modern Japanese History )

Japanese Modernity: The Past in the Creation of a Non-Western Modernity Introduction The Meiji Period, which emerged in the years between 1868 and 1912, is widely acknowledged as fundamental to Japan modernity. This is the reason why in 1941, whilst Japan as part of the Axis Powers was battling the

Use of WordPress in Modern Website Development Cycles VS a TRaditional Approach

Utilization of Word Press in Modern Website Growth Cycles Vs a Traditional Approach Continuation In contrast with traditional software advancement, web improvement time periods are frequently shorter, the experience levels of workers differ drastically, customers regularly have a poor comprehension of what is conceivable, the innovation changes quickly and everything