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Challenges encountered by people with intellectual disabilities

Challenges Encountered by People with Intellectual Disabilities Introduction Intellectual disability is a condition in which an individual has general mental impairments that affect how the person functions in different domains of life. There are three domains that are affected by intellectual disabilities; the three domains determine how the people with

Management Communication

20MANAGEMENT COMMUNICATION Management Communication Management Communication A01. Environmental cues influence the expectation of language among the participants. Some environmental cues include objects associated with money making like people wearing suits, visceral cues, disorder, barriers etc. (Keizer, Linderberg and Steg, 2008). Environmental cues can have an impact on the expectation for

Reflective journal(about communication)

12Reflective Journal: Communication Reflective Journal: Communication Question 1 Rachel Maddow point of view is that Trump glorifies violence against protesters. Given a presentation to inform other people I would express my point of view in a very similar manner with the aim of persuading others to take individual responsibility of


REFLECTIVE JOURNAL Environmental cues: lighting, temperature, seating arrangement Lighting affects communication by interfering with the level of arousal of the audience. When there is inadequate lighting in the room, people will tend to get sleepy due to reduced level of arousal. Low or high temperatures creates discomfort to both the


Medical Cases Case 1 focuses on Sarah, a 15-year-old girl whose condition promoted the mother to seek for ambulance assistance. The patient appears calm and does not want to accompany the ambulance team to the hospital. A close examination as she sits on the floor reveals lacerations on the arms