Essays on Ray Kroc


MacDonald began has a small hamburger stall in California. Mac and Donald owned the stall. This two brothers closed the stall for the months in so that they could increase their business. In 1948, they reopened the stall as a self-service restaurant[CITATION SMa14 l 1033 ]. At the time, they

Service Operation Management

Service Operation Management Introduction McDonald’s represents the world’s largest fast food restaurants and hamburger outlets. Its services spread over a hundred and nineteen countries on a daily basis with the outreach on sixty-eight million customers. The company was founded in the United States in the year 1940 as a barbecue

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Regaining McDonald’s competitive advantage

Regaining McDonald’s competitive advantage Introduction Elbanna (2009) states that the concept of competitive advantage is a very widely resourced and discussed concept. Many businesses which have risen to become epitomes of success through a brand development and phenomenal growth (rated by revenue flow and asset base) have been able to

Business submission

McDonald’s Submission to Global Compact The United Nation’s Global Compact principles affect all global businesses including McDonald’s. This paper proposes submission made by McDonald to the local network on the adherence to two principles of Global Compact. They include principle six on the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment

The most recent event by McDonalds have been the launch of the “our food. Your questions” in Canada. This is an in initiative to encourage openness in their fast food chain. From the humble beginning in the 1950s, McDonalds have worked hard to become a world class fast food corporation (McDonalds).

McDonalds McDonalds was started in 1948 by two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in California USA. The fast food store started as a small burger stand and quickly transformed in to one of the most famous corporation (McDonalds). In 1954, the company owners started to franchise and the first franchisee

Operation Strategy

Operation Strategy Operation Strategy Introduction The strategy is the process that businesses use to look for a plan of tasks that will help come up with their differentiated competence. On the other hand, operation procedure is made of a series of decisions that, with time, allows an enterprise to reach