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X-ray absorption – applications in medicine

X-ray absorption application in medicine Introduction X-ray is ionizing radiation which exhibit particle-like and wave-like properties. It has very small wavelength that can penetrate far through matter, which makes it both dangerous and useful. Its ionizing radiation can damage the living tissue, thus there is need for safety precaution when

Legal Problem Solving: Murder

6Problem solving- murder Issue identification This case involves the actions that were taken by Kevin which led to the death of Drago one of his college mate. The paper discusses the liability of Kevin for Drago’s death. The issue in this case is whether it was Kevin’s act that caused

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Marketing management-Ray Ban (sunglasses)

MARKETING MIX OF RAY-BAN SUNGLASSES Marketing mix refers to the structured deployed of the components of marketing plan, which are controllable. It includes 4Ps, often referred to as: The place, promotion, price and product (White, 8). Product: Ray Ban has a well-established and long standing brand. Ray-Ban products (sunglasses) remain

Alpha, Beta and gamma rays

Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays When alpha, beta and gamma radiations are allowed into a uniform electromagnetic field, various features suffice that will allow for their identification. The very first to be identified are the beta rays as they are deflected according to the Left-Hand rule depending on the direction

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy activity

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Activity 9 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Activity 1.0 Introduction The advent of high sensitivity photoelectron spectroscopy for material surface analysis is a welcome option within the field of non-destructive testing. Developed in mid-1960s by Kai Siegbahn, XPS has emerged to be a renowned surface test methodology due to


War and murder morality Moral difference between war and mass murder October, 2015. Following the keen following of the Aljazeera news with a special feature on the Syrian crisis two colleagues engaged in a conversation. This was after the conclusion of the news feature, a discussion ensued in the office