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Assessment 1 for introduction to business information systems(ibis)

Business Process Modelling 5 Business Process Modelling Student’s name Executive summary A manager is required to understand the business process of a given entity and also ensure it is running as per required guidelines. This helps in asking effective and timely decision for the improvement and development of the process.

The level of competition within this industry is quite with such notable entities as Sonic Healthcare Ltd and Ramsay Health Care Ltd each controlling a substantial portion of the overall health care market in Australia (IBIS World, 2016). Due to this, Primary Health Care Ltd is only able to remain on top of the sector by adopting cost differentiation strategies where healthcare products are sold to the market at different prices depending with the underlying economic situations of the potential market at hand.

Primary Health Care Macro-Analysis General Environment Demographic: the current global population is composed of ageing people. This is caused by an increase in the overall fertility rates as well as an increase in life expectancy. Certainly, there is a significant improvement in the overall healthcare investments made within numerous countries

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