Essays on Prophet Muhammad Pbuh


Qur’an and the Sunnah: Issues of Authority and Interpretation The Qur’an and the Sunnah form the Shari’ah of Allah that is binding on all Muslims. The two form practical and ideological basis of Islam. The Sunnah explains and elaborates the Qur’an. The creed of the Sunnah has been constituted with

The prophets and justice

Module 2 Worksheet 5 The nature and role of prophets and prophesy

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Socio-historical setting of the Prophet Amos

M odule 2 Socio-historical setting of the prophet Amos Social background The era of Amos Worksheet 6 Era in B.C Jeroboam II Tiglath-pilester Shalmanester III damascus Social stratification Oppression Spiritual cultism Bureaucracy Tribal constitution Statehoodship Economic crisis SOCIO-HISTORICAL SETTING OF PROPHET AMOS There are several ideas that came out upon

Medieval Christian and Islamic concern with the role of God in shaping the human past (and present) came to characterise what History was

Islamic History Writing 1 What are the criticisms of hadith in Islamic history writing? Despite the important role hadith has played in Islamic history writing, it has not survived without criticisms, which revolved around the question of its authenticity. 1At the time hadith emerged, men of eminence among Muslims had