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Should manager motivate employees? (Either answer is acceptable but must be substantiated and its consequences highlighted)

5OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Institute: Managers Should Motivate Employees Introduction Employee motivation in a workplace lies in the permutation of three key areas: the behaviour of the manager toward the employees; the individual’s internal self-motivation; as well as the work itself. Therefore, in case one of these areas is faulted, then motivation

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Motivation and staff performance 2 Motivation and Staff Performance When people go to work, they are hoping to enjoy their job. No employee wants to go to work and feel miserable. It is therefore important that employees are motivated so as to become enthusiastic at work. These in turn makes

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Improving motivation of the staff in the workplace

IMРRОVING MОTIVАTIОN ОF THЕ STАFF IN THЕ WОRKРLАСЕ Introduction At the core of a successful organization, there exist employees who are highly motivated. For customers to be well taken of, employees must first be given a conducive working environment. Motivated and well taken care of staff reflects the image of


The Influence of Motivation on Job Performance (University Affiliation) Introduction In the current rapid evolving working environment, job performance has become a significant criterion to define or rather determine a firm’s employees’ job efficiency, the outcome as well as well reputation. It is worth noting that workers in an organisation


MONEY AS A MOTIVATOR AT WORKPLACE College: DOES MONEY MOTIVATE? To motivate is to give a reason behind an action by a person in their struggles to satisfy their desires or needs. At a workplace, the definition provided is the process of maximising profits through improving and efficiency of the

Motivation in busines

Introduction Motivation is a crucial aspect for individuals in any given setting. It is even more important in the workplace. Most if not all employees require motivation to not only perform optimally but also feel good about their jobs. There are various strategies that could be employed as a way

Define Motivation and outline the Basic Model of Motivation. Describe the main needs and expectations managers have to take note of in order to motivate their employees to achieve company goals. In your answer:

MOTIVATION THEORIES Motivation Theories Motivation is essential for high productivity of employees, it is a compelling force within an individual. Effective managers ensure maximum performance of employees achieving a company’s goals, by motivating employees. Remez Sasson (n.d), describes motivation as the inner power or drive that pushes one toward performing

Employee Motivation and Reward

Introduction In the recent years, employers have recognized that the success of business is closely influenced by the motivation and professional capacity of their workforces. Accordingly, companies are faced with the challenge of increasing the level of employee commitment, job satisfaction and motivation (Greene, 2001). In this regard, it is