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Action Research Project In the field of education, action research is used as an interactive way of gathering information that is further used to explore on teaching, development of the curriculum and to study the behavior of students in the classroom (Stringer, 2013). Action research projects are important and they

Effective Teaching and Learning

Reflective Learning and Teaching Introduction Teaching in the clinical setting is a taxing task, a task that scores of clinical educators assume without sufficient orientation or preparation.  As most of clinical teaching is carried out in ambulatory settings, educators must be efficient to maximize the placement of student’s learning. Effective

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Time Management and study at university

6TIME MANAGEMENT FOR STUDY AT UNIVERSITY Time Management for Study at University Article 1 Integrating technology into student’s study environment has been a subject of concern since the 1950s, when issues of a large disquiet arise on whether students could complete their homework accurately and in time. Today, in light

Entrepreneur Presentation

Introduction Peer to peer tutoring through the internet and web-based applications has evolved over the past decades. Many of the universities worldwide have invested in this form of provision of higher education so as to help the communities in which they exist as well as expand (Page & Earl 2013).