Essays on Mother Figure

Assignment 2 — Explanations — Implications (Major Essay)

Mass media and pornography MASS MEDIA AND PORNOGRAPHY Location Mass media and pornography Introduction The paper hereof is a research finding on how the media has flourished pornography in the society. The vice is exhibited in the movies cartoons and advertisements. Therefore, this paper tries to offer a sociological explanation


Paying Tribute to Family Many societies and communities consider the family as an integral unit whose existence is crucial to the continuity of a generation and a culture. In various communities, there are ways through which people pay tribute to the family, depending on the occasion, by art or rituals.

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Statistical Analysis

Lecturer: Statistical Analysis Task 1: Regression and Correlation The primary object is to discover whether birth weights of children born to non-smoking mothers are usually higher than those born to smoking mothers. One consideration when making this decision is to test a hypothesis using regression investigation and examination of variance.