Essays on Mother Earth

The two articles show that most regions experienced fire situations which became more frequent which led to a significant change to the animals and plans which live in those regions, whereby there had to be adaptive systems which ensured that the people learnt and adapted to the changes made (macchi, 2008).

A comparison of Two Articles on Environment Protection There are various similarities found between the principles articulated in the People’s Agreement of Cochabamba: Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth and the programs discussed in the article Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change in Australia. For instance, both articles discuss how

Indigenous knowledge and climate response

4INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE AND CLIMATE RESPONSE Indigenous knowledge and climate response Indigenous knowledge and climate response The two articles are similar in that they both discuss issues concerning indigenous knowledge and climate. In the people’s agreement of Cochabamba, the article discusses that the future of humanity is in danger. Considering that

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Discuss whether a policy of sustainable development is an effective method of addressing problem of urbanization. Name: ZHOU PEIMIN Student number: Q5223238 Group: B1 25th August 2015 As is known, urbanization is one of the hottest topics in contemporary society. Urbanisation is a process whereby people move from rural to

Environmental and Social Sustainability

9ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY 2. Organisations are increasingly being required ‘to demonstrate their effective commitment to environmental and social sustainability’. What does this entail for organisational change managers? Environmental and Social Sustainability Environmental and Social Sustainability Introduction The concept of social and environmental sustainable development has over the years drawn


Partial Title: 3 WEEKLY ASSESSMENT Climate change is a global problem today. The paper is important since it focuses on current climate issues such as vulnerability, adaptation to the change in climate and resilience. Adaptation to climate change is receiving much attention as there is a rise in the net

The Old and the New in Environmental Management

The people’s agreement of Cochabamba was reached after a summit on the environment and global warming that was held in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. The main resolution in this summit was a return to ecocentrism as a way of managing the environment. Ecocentrism is a concept that places value


Title: Environmental Ethics Environmental Ethics Environmental ethics extends the boundaries of ethics from concentrating to humans only to include the non-human nature world. Environmental ethics academic field spans from 1970s, when renowned scholars published scientific papers urging philosophical scholars to consider the philosophical aspects of problems in our environment. Thereafter,