Essays on Mosquitoes


Planning and Public Health Affiliate Institution: Planning and Public Health Introduction Public health is crucial for people from all walks of life. However, one should live in an environment free from pollutants so that he or she will not contract diseases of different kinds. The emergence of town planning reduced


Fly and Mosquito Management in Nepal Executive Summary Nepal is a country in the Middle East with mountains and plains alike. The country experiences both hot and cold climate. The tropical temperatures in the low-lying plains provide an ideal habitat for breeding of mosquitoes. Nepal does not face many problems

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Conference Poster Development

Zika Virus Social Determinants: Zika Virus is one of the dangerous viruses that can cause infections that belong to the Flaviviridae family will affect up to four million people in the world. However, it was found that those viruses are spread by mosquitoes. It also depends on the sanitation level

Effects of Malaria Infection on Mosquito Olfacation and Behaviour

Stanczyk, Mescher and De Moraes (2017) succinctly provide thesis statement for the research identifying gaps in previous studies. From the onset, the study gives readers an overview of how it is going to build and use effects of malaria infection on mosquito olfacation and behaviour and the tools that will