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Workers Safety at the Workplace

Workers Safety at the Workplace The employees and employers have specific responsibilities for championing safety and health in the workplace. It can be referred as a duty of care (Schneid 2011). The specification and responsibilities are contained in the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The employees and employer have moral,

How terrior assist in increasing wine sales,marketing and branding in tourism erea

How Terrior Assist in Increasing Wine Sales, Marketing and Branding in Tourism Area Terroir refers to a special attributes that the geology, geography as well as climate of a particular region, interacting with plant, depict themselves in agricultural goods such as wine, hops, chocolate, coffee, tea, heritage wheat and tomatoes

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The leadership of David Morrison

The Leadership of David Morrison 3rd May, 2013 Background Though currently retired, Lieutenant General David Morrison has had a brilliant career in the military that, when compared to most, is nothing but a shining example to many people. This is demonstrated in the various capacities he has held in the