Essays on Moral Superiority

Asian Management

WHY ASIA LOST LEADERSHIP IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY TO THE WEST Student: Until The 17th century, Asia and in particular China, India and Japan was a world leader in science and technology. The Chinese for example, had pioneered innovations in gun powder, printing press porcelain and the compass. The Chinese

Medicalisation and De-medicalisation of Abortion

3Medicalisation and De-medicalisation of Abortion MEDICALISATION AND DE-MEDICALISATION OF ABORTION Introduction Medicalisation refers to the use of medical language to define a problem. It also refers to the definition of a problem using medical language or understanding the problem using a medical framework. Medicalisation may also refer to the use

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Political Ideologies and Public Policy

Introduction In Arts and Social Sciences, Political ideologies are viewed as sets of moral epitomes, myths, doctrines, or ciphers of social space, institutions and categorizations that describes the functionality of a society or societies. According to Van de Haar (2015:8), political ideologies, in addition to expressing and soldering public policy