Essays on Moral Conflict

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Business Ethics Immanuel Kant Ethics on Truth Immanuel Kant argues that lying can never be ethical and that individuals cannot claim a right to lie under the most extreme or special circumstances. Although he does not give a definite definition of what a lie really is, he argues that a

A patient who is terminally ill and in a lot of pain begs you to end her

What is your immediate action? What must you do following this? Which sections of the Australian National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse apply here and why? What are the possible legal/ethical implications? Introduction Assisted suicide/Euthanasia refers to the painless extermination of a patient suffering from terminal illnesses or a

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Management Assignment 2

11Management Assignment 2 Management Assignment 2 Does strong leadership lead to business success? Introduction Bad leadership perpetrated through abusive supervision can lead to diminished intrinsic motivation of employees hence giving a blow to job satisfaction (Liu, Liao & Loi, 2012). Transformation leaders through providing direction to teams within the organization


7RESPONSE TO POST AND REFLECTIVE JOURNAL Response to Post and Reflective Journal It is may be tempting to claim that unethical situations are no longer evident in the society today. I concur with you that our past generations established innovative means to satisfy human needs, but at a cost. It

Are People In Government Ever Justified In Getting Their Hands Dirty?

Introduction Ethical people according to Cramwinckel et al. (2013, p.93) are supposed not only to conduct themselves in an ethical manner but also in promoting ethical behaviour by punishing unethical behaviour and rewarding ethical behaviour. In truth, people in government sometimes reward behaviours that are unethical. This essay focuses on