Essays on Montgomery

What makes a car ‘iconic’? Critically discuss how the car has been understood as a central feature of contemporary visual culture, through a formal analysis of works and by drawing upon the arguments of scholars.

Car as a Central Feature of Contemporary Visual Culture Different forms of visuality and visual culture influence and shape the creation of knowledge in various societies as well as political and social processes. The car has played a central role in art, design and everyday life all over the world

Popular culture of the Arts (music)

3Popular Culture of the Arts (Music) Lady Gaga Bibliography Lady Gaga was born in New York City in a Catholic family back 1986 March 28; her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Gaga has an Italian and French ancestry and her parents came from lower class families (Phoenix 2010).

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The Values and Assumptions of Business Strategy The Values and Assumptions of Business Strategy Collis and Montgomery’s article on the Resource-Based view (RBV) explains the strategies that firms can employ to company resources to reap the maximum benefits. The ability to create uniqueness in the utilization of any resource offers

Obesity among Adults in Australia

OBESITY AMONG ADULTS IN AUSTRALIA 4 Obesity among Adults in Australia Annotated Bibliography: Obesity among Adults in Australia Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. (2017). Overweight and Obesity.Retrieved 30th March 2017 This is a credible government website which presents prevalence of obesity in not just adults but also children in


FINAL EXAM QUESTION ONE With reference to at least two (2) examples from the course, compare and contrast past campaigns for human rights. Why did the campaigners use the strategies and tactics that they did? How did their methods affect their success or failure in achieving their goals? Introduction Human