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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate is a complicated food with significant benefits, and associated risks to watch out for. Has anyone ever told you that you are not allowed to take chocolate simply because it is a candy? If you think candy is as bad as chocolate, think again. As such, do


Using Passive Voice The process of baking a cake shall be explained briefly, in this article, using passive voice. In order to bake a cake (My Mom`s Chocolate Cake 2012, p.1), the ingredients used should be first gathered. Given below are the ingredients used in the making of a cake.

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2 Short answer questions

Question 1 Elements of the SMART framework for effective goal setting. The SMART framework is widely used by business entities for effective goal setting. It is an acronym that suggests that goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant and time bound. A goal on the other hand is a

Lesley Chocolate Situation analysis

Lesley Chocolate Situation analysis Student: This situation analysis will be concerned with analysing the chocolate beverages and desserts industry in the Canberra area of Australia with a view of employing the right marketing and operational strategies for the launch of Lesley Chocolate Café. The analysis will specifically be focused on

Chocolate café

CHOCOLATE CAFE Chocolate café Chocolate café sells hot and cold beverages plus light snacks. It is located near collages on the outskirts of the city since most of these collages do not have quality eateries thus Chocolate café was positioned there to cater for the needs of the students at

Elevated Blood Sugar

9Elevated Blood Sugar ELEVATED BLOOD SUGAR Elevated Blood Sugar Introduction Elevated blood sugar has become a global health risk that is affecting many people including those at the young age. The condition can be naturally controlled eliminating the need to visit a doctor regularly and therefore proving that individuals can