Essays on Light Pollution

Understanding the position held by both scholars (Jop van Bennekom and Gobe´) is that consumeristic nature of using lights just because of advertisement and design leads to negligent about the environment. Basically, this is why Jop van Bennekom thinks that consumerism is a bad idea as it significantly lead to social related problems. On the other hand, Gobe´ in his assertions represents a different approach concerning consumerism unlike previous position held by this report. That is, he tends to be careful with consumerism theory. When he argues that, ‘I do not find anything wrong with design and that as long as it is taken seriously, it shapes perception about consumption’ (Gobe´, 2001 as cited in Mostafa, 2007) means that Gobe´ tries to understand the reason for consumption. What brings the problem is not what Gobe´believes in but economy marketing which has taken consumerism theory to another direction and for this matter excessive light are poorly installed just to satisfy disoriented customers’ perception about the design of the lightings. The fact that Gobe´ believes in design as the key way of selling more products does not mean one should be exposed to stray lights which apparently have effects on night vision.

Consumerism Theoretical Framework Unnecessary consumption of items has strained relationship between environment, producers and consumers. What scholars debate about is whether equating of individual happiness with the purchase of materials possession and consumption is justified (Goulding et al. 2009; Kozinets, 2002). However, consumers are living in a global where policies

Research Proposal

Table of Contents 2Background Information 1.0. 2Theoretical Framework 2.0. 3Methodology of the Study: Cultural Probes 3.0. 3Research Question 3.1. 3Objective of the study 3.2. 4Principle 3.3. 4Anticipated Findings 4.0. 4Strengths and Weakness of using Cultural Probe 5.0. 4Strengths 5.1. 5Weaknesses 5.2. 5Proposal Design 6.0. 6Rational/Significance of the Study 7.0. 6Audience

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Efficacy of an Internal Dual Technology Sensor Device Efficacy of an Internal Dual Technology Sensor Device Introduction Dual technology sensor is a system that houses two sensors operation through utilisation of two technologies that are totally different (Lutron, 2014). For instance, if dual technology sensor is utilised in the home

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Light pollution Light pollution caused by street light According to Lighting Research Center (2007), light pollution is derived as the pollution that is caused by artificial light that is misplaced. Currently, it is an environmental issue that is on a rapid rise. Some of the negative effects of this pollution


Environmental Challenges Facing the Planet Introduction In the present day, the planet is vastly different from what it was before industrialisation and urbanisation had taken its toll on the planet. Since the entry of new millennium, the problem of the environment has continuously evolved into a widespread challenge which is


How Solar Panels Can Be Utilised In Order to Recharge LED Lights Activities Project Outline Electricity used for street lighting consumes excessive amounts of energy due to the use of HD lamps. As a result, solar LED lights are proposed as alternative forms of street lighting that will conserve energy