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Lifting the corporate veil

City and State Where Institution is Located Introduction A company is covered by the veil of incorporation and this veil remains in place except in exceptional circumstances. For example, a director of a company that is wound up because it is insolvent can be made personally liable for such of

In the collection of fingerprint evidence, all objects that are believed to have latent fingerprints should be collected while intact and delivered to the laboratory for examination. If collection is not possible developed technology should be used to collect the evidence such as tape lift (Nickell 2013). If collected wrongly or touched the evidence might not be useful at all. In other occasions where it cannot be collected pictures need to be taken carefully as it is usually the only permanent record of the evidence. In the collection and documentation of firearms, evidence regarding bullets and firearms must be marked for identification by investigators and also documented correctly. Bullets can be placed in sealed containers to avoid marking on surfaces that can interfere with trace evidence on the bullets. Alternatively they can be marked on the tip or on the base but not on the top of the casing (Houx 205). For collection of tread impressions such as footwear, evidence can be collected by way of pictures carefully taken to compare with other prints. Lifting can also be done to place the evidence on a surface that has better contrast for comparisons. For tread impressions photography is also very important as it is used in the analysis. If the photograph is not taken well the evidence might lack usefulness. It is important that care is taken when collecting all types of evidence to ensure contamination and distortion by mishandling does not happen since it interferes with the forensic analysis giving wrong results or inconclusive answers.

Collecting And Documenting Of Pattern Evidence The proper collection and documentation of pattern evidence is important as it can determine if some type of evidence will be useful in the solving of a case. Proper collection avoids contamination of the evidence making sure it reaches the analyst in good condition.

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Lift motors and Transformers

Building Services SSUD71-309 Building Services SSUD71-309 PLANT ROOM VISIT REPORT Lecturer: Vanessa Menadue Sharina Mohd Omar LopezName: Electrical power — Transformer • What is the equipment and what service/system is it part of? The electrical power transformer is part of the power distribution system, supplying power to a designated proportion

Lifting Corporate Veil

Lifting the Corporate Veil The corporate veil is used to denote the limited liability of an incorporated company. Upon incorporation a company is rendered a separate legal entity, which is different from its shareholders. The assets of the company are not the assets of its shareholders. Similarly its liabilities are

Title: How a Lift Works.

How a Lift Works. Running Headers: HOW A LIFT WORKS. Title: How a Lift Works. Date: April 14, 2010 The modern lift system operates under a number of engineering principles. The lift is normally attached to thick metal cables which are also element of an elaborate pulley plant. Many people

Conclusion and Presentation 4

Unit Title: Рrоjесt Dеsign, Imрlеmеntаtiоn and Еvаluаtiоn Unit Number: 3. Qualification: Pearson Level 4/5 — HNC/HND Engineering. Assignment Title: Formulating a Movable Winch Assignment No: 1. Date: ———— Contents Contents: Summary: Introduction: Report and Analysis: Discussion: Conclusion: References: A lathe chuck lift is simply a mechanical component designed in such