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Systems thinking is critical in developing solutions to sustainability challenges.

Systems’ Thinking Is Critical In Developing Solutions To Sustainability Challenges Introduction Sustainability has been an area of increased interest in the present day society. Individuals and businesses alike are trying to found ways of making the world better through sustainable initiatives. The increased attention in the area of sustainability is

Microwaves – microwave cooking

Microwave 8 Introduction Microwaves can be defined as some form of waves of electric and magnetic energy that move together in space. They refer to a form of electronic radiation that ranges from x rays to the radiofrequency waves that are normally used in broadcasting. Microwaves are usually confused with

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Table of Contents 3Introduction 3Plastics End Products 4The Raw Materials and Forms of Energy Input 5The Processes used in the Plastics Industry 6Environmental Pollution and the Risk Factor 7The Economic Scale of the Polymer Industry 7Conclusion 8References Introduction The plastics industry is one of the many chemical industries that has