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IS HUMAN DEVELOPMENT POSSIBLE WITHOUT AN ENVIRONMENTAL COST? Human development is very inherent in our society. While human development aims at improving the standards of living of our society it can negatively affect our environment. The facilitation of human development so as to improve the economics of our society is

Research report

RESEARCH REPORT Research Report Introduction Gaming involves the form of interaction between a human and user interface in a computer aided-machine in order to generate a visual feedback through games with preferential roles as a form of pass time or entertainment. From historical basing of human civilization, games have formed

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Journal Response; the scene of the screen At the beginning of her work, Vivian quotes the words of Elaine Scarry which says that we make things which in turn make us. She goes forward to explain her statement by saying that the technologies we use in writing and fine arts

Solutions of children long use of smart devises

Children Long Use of Smart Devices Location Solutions of children long use of smart devices The following are the solutions to children with long use of smart devices. According to Judge et al (2015), parents are to employ the use of TimeAway apps within their androids. The application ensures that

Impact of IT

Music and technologic sustainability Impact of IT on music The article, “Music, sociality and digital technology” by Neville Holmes highlights the contribution of IT to the world of music. He writes the article in first persona to express his first-hand experience with music both in the traditional setting and the


Google Glass Marketing 5 Semester: Marketing Google glass to the techno bohos We chose this product for our tribe techno boho because we think they are highly technology literate with a passion for underground arts culture. This product will enable them record, takes photos and store what they see for

Sony Walkman

8SONY WALKMAN Sony Walkman Sony Walkman The launch of Walkman by Sony Company in 1979 transformed the music sector (Du Gay, Hall et al. 1997). It transformed the manner in which individuals paid attention to music and was regarded as an advantage for the lovers of the music. Appreciated by

Technological Changes

Technological Changes 6 Technological Changes Technological Changes There are constant changes in technology which have had different impacts on people living in different societies. Information communication technologies have had a positive contribution in improving living standards of many countries across the world. Information communication technologies are technologies which use computerised

Assessment of Electronic Bank Quality Services and Role of that at Improvement Effectively

ASSESSMENT OF ELECTRONIC BANK QUALITY SERVICES 10 Assessment of Electronic Bank Quality Services and Role of that at Improvement Effectively Table of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Importance of Subject 5 Literature Review 5 Purposes of Article 6 Questions of Article (subject) 7 Innovation Research 7 7Application and Results of

Impact of Globalization on Modern Organizational Management 3

Impact of globalization on Modern Organizational Management Introduction Definition of globalization Impacts of globalization on modern organizations Conclusion Introduction Human beings in different parts geographical locations of the world have constantly interacted with each other over an extended long period of time dating back to thousands of years. Interactions of


Design for Business Bang and Olufsen (B&O): Design Driven Innovation Case Question one There is a stiff competition in the electronic industry, which makes it hard for small companies to survive or to make a significant impact in the market. The industry is dominated by established companies like Samsung, Panasonic,

The negative impacts of computer,mobile phone and tablet use on health.They have asked you to reasearch these impacts and write a report with recommendations for a public health campaign on how to prevent them..

THE NEGATIVE MPACT OF MOBILEPHONE , COMPUTER, TABLET AND USE ON HEALTH1 THE NEGATIVE MPACT OF MOBILEPHONE , COMPUTER, TABLET AND USE ON HEALTH Abstract Computers, Mobile Phones, and the tablets are inventions that lead to unstable health conditions among the users; some countries have the highest prevalence rate of