Essays on Life Without Education


Distance Education is Useless Distance Education is Useless Since the inception of the internet and the modern technology, various activities have shifted from being physical to being virtually performed. In other words, various activities that previously required physical structures are now being completed from a remote location with the support


Education Labelling Practices in Special and Inclusive Education The education system and teachers have to retort on the needs of children inclusive of children with special needs in education. One of the necessities in special need education is labelling (Hastings, Sonuga-Barke& Remington,1993). Labelling is the process whereby a particular society

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It is very important for everyone to get education, it helps in changing life. There should be a wish for to improve the educational system and to always be ready to develop it. There are numerous ideas as to what comprises an ideal education. There may be lot of factors


What does Dance Add to a Student’s Education that no other Discipline does? March 17, 2015 What does Dance Add to a Student’s Education that no other Discipline does? Arts has been and still stands as an essential part of human life from the very beginning. Indeed, arts; especially the

Title: The Importance of Educational Research

Title: The Importance of Educational Research Introduction Educational research refers an organized approach of asking, answering as well as effectively reporting a question. It is a cyclical process of identifying a research problem. It entails literature reviews, describing the study purpose and analysis of data and further interpreting the information