Essays on Life Without Computers

Green Computing

GREEN COMPUTING Green Computing Green Computing What is green computing? What would happen without green computing? Green Computing refers to the environmentally-responsible use of computing resources to ensure that the environment is preserved. To achieve such sustainability, it is important to ensure the design, manufacture and disposal of computer materials

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Media, culture and everyday life Temporality describes the state of being bounded in time. It is the state of existing within a certain time. It represents the aspect of time and the duration of the time limitation. Spatiality is related to space. It represents the nature of a feature to

Summary for the article ( Computing in the Domestic Pattern of Life)

Computing in the dоmеstiс раttеrn of life 2 Sociology of Technology & Work; Computing in the dоmеstiс раttеrn of life This article is about how much technology has been embraced in different ways in the domestic or home scenario by different individuals and also its different uses. According to the


Cloud Computing Advancement of technology has significantly increased in the last forty years. Indeed, technology has led to improvement of organizational productivity and processes. Murugesan and Gangadharan (2012) assert that information and technology currently has a new function to play in assisting in creation of a more sustainable and greener


Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing Technological evolution has been one field of wonder. Everything currently done by humans can be done similarly or even better by use of artificially intelligent machines such as expert systems and decision support system. In improving technology, scientists have already