Essays on Life Problems

Multi-Criteria Decision Making—Literature Review

Multi-Criteria Decision Making—Literature Review Multi-Criteria Decision Making—Literature Review The concept of multi-criteria decision making processes have remained multifaceted among studies that have attempted to review issues such as multiple attribute group decision making processes and still, these studies have even conceptualized their findings on decision making processes on themes such

Personal statement

4PERSONAL STATEMENT Personal Statement Personal Statement My name is Mubarak AlAmeri and I would like to be part of Trinity College Dublin, as a student pursuing bachelor’s degree in medicine. Since my childhood I have been concerned of the health problems that keep troubling humanity. Notably, every time there are

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Discussion topic1

Discussion Topic 1 2 Discussion Topic 1 Location: There has been a significant change away from traditional marketing and towards an integrated marketing in communications today. The idea of integrated marketing is to provide an opportunity for stakeholders in a firm to interact in a more authentic way, which provides


LITERACY PROPOSAL Solving Information literacy problem among university students Solving Information literacy problem among university students Information literacy involves; the knowledge and competencies that an informed individual ought to possess in order to participate intelligently and actively in solving problems in his society (Eisenberg, Lowe & Spitzer, 2004). Today, most

Social Work — Narrative Theory

Title: Narrative Theory Approach, in a Social Work Setting Introduction People have stories about their own lives. The term narrative means the weight put upon the stories of lives of people and the change that can be done through specific telling and retellings of such stories. In social work, narrative

Students Discourse on Tokokyoh

Students Discourse on Tokokyoh Students Discourse on Tokokyoh Tokokyohi has been gradually increasing in Japan causing a mass departure of students from schools thus creating a legitimating crisis of the education system. Tokokyohi a problem differently defined by many these is the situation as to which students do not try

Reflection on family and community structure

Reflection on family and community structure DESCRIPTION To the aboriginal people, the concept of family and community is so intertwined into their culture that it cannot be separated from them and their individual families. A family, to them, is a community whose individuals have specific responsibilities and roles. FEELING EVALUATION

Learning statement

How might philosophy be useful in our everyday lives? Philosophy is important because of its ability to improve the critical thinking skills of a person and its ability to provide knowledge and understanding of certain aspects of life such as religion and morality. In the book ‘The Enduring Questions: Traditional


Reflective Essay Reflective Essay This essay describes my reflection on a group project. The research project was based on an analysis of which supermarket (Coles or Woolworths) was more popular in Belconnen mall by University of Canberra (UC) campus students. The study aimed to help us understand what factors influenced