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9MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING Motivational Interviewing Motivational Interviewing in Behaviour Change Behaviour change is a critical aspect of the life of individuals and nurses hold a unique position in the promoting of behavioural changes among clients in their professional practice. Nevertheless, the need to have the necessary attributes to foster change and

Why we need finance function and how it is effective on the business

THE NEED FOR FINANCE FUNCTION AND HOW IT IS EFFECTIVE ON THE BUSINESS FINANCE FUNCTION 7 October, 2010. Importance of finance function The support of every commerce activity is finance. This is so because in the modern money-oriented economy, finance is one of the basic foundations of all types of

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Legal and Ethical Issues in Administration of Medications The delivery of health services in everyday work of a registered nurse employs the use of legal and ethical principles. The legal and ethical principles provide a framework within which they disseminate their services to the patients. This means that the clients


Bеhаviоur Сhаngе Introduction It can be agreed that quitting smoking is tough and thus it requires change of behavior. Beginning with quitting smoking to healthy eating to regular exercising to becoming more organized, there are a number of behaviors which individuals have to begin or to end which tend to