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3THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF ROBOTS THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF ROBOTS A robot is an electrically operated mechanical device that is supported by a computer or electronic system that performs automatically complex and monotonous tasks. Encyclopedia Britannica defines a robot as “any automatically operated machine that replaces

End of life care for elderly in united state

14END OF LIFE CARE FOR THE ELDERLY IN THE UNITED STATES End of Life Care for the Elderly in the United States Introduction The United States has an ageing society just like the rest of the world. The number of ageing population between the years 2000 to 2050 is projected

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GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT CHANGE What are the major global environmental changes and what is causing them? Environmental change can be defined as a disturbance of the environment which in most case occurs as a result of human influences. The major global environment changes are biodiversity loss and climate change. Biodiversity refers

Individual assessment (sustainability)

Institution Affiliated Sustainable-Oriented Innovation Comparison Analysis Introduction Today, innovation has become an essential component in manufacturing companies across the planet. Companies are adopting new and innovated business model due to increasing and changing business environmental pressures. Global companies are becoming more responsive towards the environment than before, and hence, introducing


Children Obesity in Sandwell Submission Date: Children obesity in Sandwell This research will explore obesity among children in Sandwell, UK. Sandwell general health overview In Sandwell, the people’s health on average vary greatly compared to England. Among all unitary/districts authorities in England, Sandwell is among the 20% most deprived states

Persuasive text-Future Population Growth and Ageing

Future Population Growth and Ageing Introduction . Given that younger and elderly populations have different productive capacities and needs, in the future, population growth and ageing will as a result, impact the global economic output, healthcare cost and provision, and food supply.(Australian Social Trends, 2009)are main features behind lots of

Report on Future Population Growth and Ageing

FUTURE POPULATION GROWTH AND AGEING 4 Report on Future Population Growth and Ageing 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Background Population growth refers to rise in the number of people living in a country, city or state within a given period of time. Ageing population on the other hand is a term used

-Climate Change and Sustainable Business Futures

Climate Change and Sustainable Business Futures 1.0 Key Advantages/Business Benefits of Climate Change Adaptation 1.1 Improves Performance Based on the core competencies that steer success in the business world, such as high adaptability levels to consumer demands and market forces that are rapidly changing as well as the ability to