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Pick an Endangered Language in Southeast Asia and an endangered species in roughly the same vicinity. You should be able to find a language at one of these websites:

Endangered Language in Kundur and Karez-i-Mulla, Southeast Asia Southeast Asia present a number of endangered languages and one of such is what is found in the villages of Kundur and Karez-i-Mulla, Herat Province in Afghanistan. Mongolian language is the language that Moseley (2010) considers as ‘critically endangered.’ As a one

Write a report about Optical Wireless Communication OWC (Li-Fi Communication Link Design)

11OPTICAL WIRELESS COMMUNICATION Optical Wireless Communication Table of Contents Literature Review—Optical Wireless Communication 3 1.0. Radio Frequency Communication and Optical Communications 5 2.0. Benefits of Optical Wireless Communication 6 3.0. Optical Wireless Communication Modulation 6 4.0. Application of MATLAB in Optical Wireless Communication 6 5.0. On-off keying- Non Return to

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Title: LI-FI System

Title: LI-FI System Literature Review Harald Haas came up with term ‘Li-Fi’ during the TED Global Talk where he broached the concept of ‘wireless data from every light’ in 2011. He is a co-founder of pureLiFi and the chairman of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh. Haas envisioned the



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B (processes) D (User generated content) B (Pew Internet & American Life Project) D (Intel) D (Online advertising) D (business model) C (revenue model) C (merchandising) A (the costs and benefits have been hard to quantify) C (transaction costs) C (transaction costs) B (transaction costs) C (vertical integration) A (commodities)

UNIT TOPIC IS UNDER :MEDIA AUDIENCES AND THE PUBLIC Welcome to Media Audiences and the Public. Media technologies and digital forms of access and delivery provide audiences with so many ways of engaging with the media that the role of the media in our li

12Media and Public MODERN TECHNOLOGY AND RELATIONЅHIP B/W MEDIA AND PUBLIC [Name of the Inѕtitution] Modern Technology and Relationѕhip b/w Media and Public Introduction Media technologies are an important and main part of elected governance. Beginning from the newspaper culture of the untimely modern era to the televiѕion society of

Case StudyMartine De Bovieu is a 28 year old French tourist who with her long term partner Vincent, has been travelling Australia for the last 2 months of January and February, when temperatures ranged from 38 – 40 O C. Martine normally works as a li

Reflective Clinical Case Study15 Reflective Clinical Case Study WHAT ABOUT THE PROMISE OF RATING THIS ORDER AFRESH.PLEASE DO THAT FOR ME Introduction In this paper, I will discuss several issues that bind nursing practice with questions of sociology, management and ethics, the discussion will be about proper diagnosis in nursing

Entrepreneurship (KaShing Li)

Li Ka-Shing 5 Entrepreneurship (KaShing Li) Introduction, Personal Life This essay is a personal entrepreneurship history on Li Ka-Shing. Li Ka-shing was born on June 13, 1928, in Chaozhou, Guangdong province of China. He is a Chinese entrepreneur and a famous philanthropist who is widely considered as among the top

In conclusion, every Nation has some past History. Such history usually shapes the Nation’s international interactions and her perception of the world order. China’s historical legacy provides quite a unique example of how past experience can shape a country’s attitudes in future relations. The opium wars n unequal treaties established an enduring negative attitude among the Chinese toward the West. The Chinese perceive the West as having been always after dominating and oppressing China, (Li Zhaojie, 2001, 314-326).

Historical Legacy of Opium Wars to China: China’s nation-building has gone through quite an expansive spectrum of difficult radical transformational process in History. The opium wars and the unequal treaties that followed transformed China from the initial Middle-Kingdom status to a semi-colonial economy manage by foreign imperialists. Today, China has

Research—Urban Water pollution in comparison between China and Australia by Junheng Li

URBAN WATER POLLUTION IN COMPARISON BETWEEN CHINA & AUSTRALIA Urban Water pollution in Comparison between China and Australia Abstract This research focuses on the comparison between urban water pollution in China and Australia. Different literature materials are taken into consideration to discuss history of water treatment, developments in water treatment

(Electrical Engineering)Literature review report on the active power cost functions with typical variables for each generator(Diesel generator, solar PV and storage(LA and Li))

Literature Review 9 Literature Review Literature Review Diesel generator Fuel diesel generator is commonly used in the power generation in most of the countries. This is despite the increasing concerns related to the aspects of environmental pollution. The cost involved is also an important aspect that has contributed to the

Ethical justification for police lies 1

ETHICAL JUSTIFICATION FOR POLICE LIES Introduction Is it ever ethical to lie if you are a police officer? The police officers play a very critical role in our societies. The role of maintaining law and order requires utmost honesty and faithfulness. The general duty of a place person involves several