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Prepare a website planing brief based upon one of the 3 scenarios provided -art gallery -sports institute -tourist information site-country town

Title: Planning Brief Tourist Information Site Country Town. Introduction Nowadays, a number of tourism activities are taking place due to pleasant weather and healthy economic situations. The environmental conditions instigate people to spend their some days away from their hometown. Spending a few days with your spouse leaving all worries,

Applications Modelling and Development

SoftwareRequirements Specification for <Project> i Software Requirements Specification <Library System for MULS> Version 1.0 approved Prepared by <author> 03/15/2016 Table of Contents Table of Contents ii Revision History ii Introduction 1 1. 1.1 Purpose 1 1.2 Document Conventions 1 1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions 1 1.4 Product Scope 2

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International Laws

International Laws 7 International Laws: To what extent has state sovereignty been constrained by the development of international law and the proliferation of international organisations since the end of the Second World War? Lecture’s Name: 1.0 Introduction State sovereignty is premised on the ability of self rule and capacity for

Internet and Society: Censorship of the Internet

Internet and Society: Censorship of the Internet Lecture’s Name: Internet and Society: Censorship of the Internet 1.0 Introduction Internet has grown as a phenomenal platform core in supporting online media that support exchange of data, collaborate and co-produce content outside the traditional media platforms (Punie et al., 2009, p.136). However,

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Insert Surname 13 Lecturer Open Source Solutions for Libraries 1.0 Introduction Open source software is a reference to software applications that can be modified by the user as it is supplied with its original code. Open source software allows users to modify and redistribute their version of the open source

Project Report

16Merlin Library Management System Project MERLIN LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PROJECT Contents 31.0 Introduction 41.1 System Overview 41.2 Project Scope 51.2.1 Scope creep 51.2.2 Scope creep management 51.3 Goals and Objectives 51.3.1 Objectives 61.4 Project deliverables 61.4.1 Business deliverables 61.4.2 Technical deliverables 61.4.3 Organizational Deliverables 61.4.4 GITE’s Deliverables 71.5 Stakeholders 71.5.1

Intellectual property law in Australia

Intellectual Property Law in Australia Introduction The intellectual Property law covers a broad area in the Australia laws. The scope covers areas such as copyright, patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and other rights of intangible goods. IP law has its foundations from international and regional agreements depending on the area of