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BOOK REVIEW6 BOOK REVIEW From Sudan 1994-1995 – Book Review Lawrence (2005) book bring together a number of statements that were issued under the name of Osama bib Laden since 1994. In the chapter ‘FromSudan 1994-1995’,Lawrence (2005) shows some part of Osama’s growing discourse in his attempt to create a

Why civil war break out in Lebanon in

Why civil war break out in Lebanon in 1975 17 Why civil war break out in Lebanon in 1975 Why civil war break out in Lebanon in 1975 Introduction Lebanon is one of the countries in the Middle East. It is found in Western Asia on the Mediterranean Sea’s eastern

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UNIFIL in UNSCRs 425 / 426 (1978) Question 1: Sources of authority for the establishment of UNIFIL in UNSCRs 425 / 426 (1978) The Israeli-Lebanese conflict arose since the inception of the Israel state. The armed conflict has since had an increase of civilian casualties half of whom are children.

Unit name: Global Ethical Challenges

Dialogue: Could a terrorist act ever be morally justified? She: This world is truly full of double standards1! He: why do you say so? She: Well, why are some acts of terrorism referred to as counter-terrorism or retaliation attacks, while others are simply referred to as terrorist acts? In my

Weekly exercise

«One person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter».  While generic (and hence should be avoided in essays) what does this statement actually mean? Use examples. A terrorist is a person who is radicalized by religion or politics to cause destruction. Terrorist use violence and intimidation and they mostly target civilians