Essays on Leukemia

Involvement of a human gene related to the Drosophila spen gene in the recurrent t(1;22) translocation of acute megakaryocytic leukemia.

Involvement of a human gene related to the Drosophila spen gene in the recurrent t(1;22) translocation of acute megakaryocytic leukemia. Conclusion of the Journal Strengths There are several strengths that the journal has. The authors did an in-depth research concerning the human genetics and leukemia. The article specializes on identifying

Integrating theory with practice- Critical reflection of scenario

Introduction Even though there have been initial rates of improvements in survival rates for infants with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), evidence based-researches have indicated that there have been poor outcomes in recent years. For instance, there is a need to understand reasons why infants were given treatments based on risk-adapted

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URGENT REVISION!!!!! sim lab reflection

Sim Lab Reflection Introduction The purpose of this paper is to provide a reflection on a medication administration incident that took place within a nursing context. The incident involved a 10-year old patient named Jenny. The patient was being treated for pneumonia after her first course of combination cytotoxic chemotherapy


Assessment 1 Assessment 1 normochromic anemia, marked leucocytosis and marked thrombocytopenia. Explain the terms normocytic Anemia is a condition whereby there is decreased supply of oxygen to the tissues as a result of low hemoglobin concentration. There are several types of anemia depending on the causative factors among other considerations.


Personal Statement RESEARCH My experience and interest in tumor immunology research My experience and interest in tumor immunology research I started becoming interested in researching tumor immunology when I was about 13 years of age. During this time, I had contracted leukemia which is a disease characterized by a proliferation

Law, Lawyers and Society

The Author’s Surname 9 [The Writer’s Name] Legal Ethical Issues in ‘A Civil Action’ This paper will discuss and evaluate the legal ethical issues as found in ‘A Civil Action’. The lawyer’s morality, it must always be remembered, is personal. It must be stated that as such, it is improbable

Science News.

6Blood cancer Blood Cancer Bid to boost blood cancer survival Lecturer BLOOD CANCER Leukemia is a type of blood cancer that causes improper growth of white blood cells. These cells remain in the bone marrow and reproduce uncontrollably. Accumulation of the abnormal white blood cells deters the normal formation of

Pharmacology Report on Cytotoxic Anthracyclines

Cytotoxic Anthracyclines Introduction Cytotoxic anthracyclines are used for a variety of malignant conditions, such as leukemia, Koposi’s sarcoma, axillary node tumors, breast cancers, lymphomas, prostate cancer and multiple sclerosis. However these very powerful drugs have limitations placed upon their use, in particular because of their cardiotoxic effect,( Grenier and Lipshultz,

Chemothreapy protocol

Topic: Chemotherapy Protocol Introduction In most cases, cells live, grow and die in a way that can be predicted. Cancer emanates from some cells in the body continuing to divide and forming more cells without the capability to stop this process. Chemotherapy protocol is concerned with maximizing the elimination of


‘Make-A- Wish’- SF Kid The world of business is now transforming into modern ways of marketing products and sustaining competitive advantage. Social media marketing has now been incorporated in marketing strategies by all sorts of industries as indicated by Averweg, (2011)., with the main areas of interests being creating value

Zinc Intake

8ZINC INTAKE Zinc Intake Zinc is an essential trace element that is a constituent of enzymes involved in variety of body processes such as protein metabolism, immune function, and cell growth (FNB, 2000). Zinc Methodology Procedures The survey participants selected household that had been initially approached by mail informing them