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The task is an extension History Major Project that focuses on how historian interpriate events in history. The question i have chosen is: How have historians viewed the westernisation of Japan from a more traditional japan (before contact with wester

Customer-Second-Name 13 <Student Name> <Name and Section # of course> History Major Topic The product: Synopsis: Japan has taken a sudden turn and has been swapped by the surge of westernization. Japan took some major steps in the direction of being westernized and left no choice for Historians since they

Popular Media and Society

Introduction Once again we face that old question on what art does with society in attempting to represent it, reflect or refract it- albeit in a different frame. More specifically, the question is whether movies/films as a form of art can change people’s perceptions on aspects of society. There are

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Pantaloon paper

Pentagon Paper Movie Main Episodes The Pentagon Papers were top secrets document about the Vietnam War written from 1945 to 1967 by Daniel Ellsberg who was a defense worker. They were completed on 1968 and consisted of 7000 pages. Ellsberg sought to find out what went wrong so as to


INFORMNED CONSENT 8 INFORMEDCONSENT Informed consent is quite important when it comes to the provision of the health care in the society that values ethical, legal, and pragmatic dimensions. In moral communities, informed consents are basic as it encompasses the ethical rights of the people to autonomy over their health.