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Lesson plan — Learning lowercase alphabets

Lesson plan Topic: Lesson plan — Learning lowercase alphabets. Year level: Grade Prep 1 VELS Level: 1 Lesson Title: Lesson plan — Learning lowercase alphabets Lesson Duration: 120 minutes Number of students: 10 Lesson Purpose Description At the end of this lesson, the learner will be able to make lowercase

Analyse and Evaluate the Lesson Plan

Analyse and Evaluate the Lesson Plan Customer’s Name Customer’s Grade Course Customer Tutor’s Name Lesson Plan Date/Period: 2nd October — Periods 1 Teaching English as ESL 30 minutes Context: Reading and Writing Learning Objectives: The pupils will learn to read English compositions in class. They will be required to offer

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Lesson Plan

Lecturer DRAMA STUDY- WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S ‘ROMEO AND JULIET’ Level/Stream: Year 8 Stage 4 Students’ Characteristics: Average ability or Mixed ability suitable for the topic selected from English. Pre-requisite knowledge Learners will have been exposed to responding to and composing texts, Vocabulary, Thinking imaginatively, creatively, interpretively, and critically, Expressing themselves and


LESSON PLANS 9 LESSON PLANS LESSON ONE MODELLED WRITING Date: 29th Jan, 2016 Term: ONE Week: 1 Year Level: 2 Time/length: 45 minutes Learning area focus: Writing Skills Context: The lesson will mainly adopt the modelled approach. The approach fits the broader lesson outcome since it encompasses demonstration of the


Lesson Plan Proforma Lesson Plan Proforma Part A: Lesson Plan Number of Learners/clients: Learner/client characteristics; Time available: Learning Objectives/Outcomes By the end of the lesson the student/learner/client will be able to: Understand how to assess a patient prior to Gentamicin administration Understand the administration protocol Comprehend the practicalities of IV

Analyse a lesson plan

11LESSON PLAN Lesson Plan Introduction This article provides an insightful critique of a lesson plan for English Language Teaching (ELT) focusing on its suitability and capacity to meet the identified needs of the learners in Australia. The critique takes into account the various principles and guidelines utilized in the design


Introduction As a teacher, it is essential to develop lesson plan that captures different interests of leaners including objectives, social-cultural backgrounds, student engagement and classroom management. Accordingly, the lesson should be able to provide comfortable classroom environment to maximize developmental opportunities for students. Additionally, governing students’ behaviors calls for conceptualization