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Microteaching LESSON PLAN

Group number Microteaching week FBE204 Microteaching (Task 2) LESSON PLAN Your practice and final microteaching sessions are compulsory. You must arrive on time at the beginning of class on your allocated days. If you are unable to attend class on your allocated days and have evidence to support your absence

Microteaching LESSON PLAN

Task 8: Lesson Plan Students will be engaged in the process of teaching by having interactions. The activity will begin with a simple training and will be theoretical which will be followed by being practical. The first aspect will look at students understand both the models and understand the same

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LESSON PLANS 9 LESSON PLANS LESSON ONE MODELLED WRITING Date: 29th Jan, 2016 Term: ONE Week: 1 Year Level: 2 Time/length: 45 minutes Learning area focus: Writing Skills Context: The lesson will mainly adopt the modelled approach. The approach fits the broader lesson outcome since it encompasses demonstration of the

Analyse a lesson plan

11LESSON PLAN Lesson Plan Introduction This article provides an insightful critique of a lesson plan for English Language Teaching (ELT) focusing on its suitability and capacity to meet the identified needs of the learners in Australia. The critique takes into account the various principles and guidelines utilized in the design

Lesson Plan 5

LESSON PLAN By (Name of Student) Introduction Children learning plan is an on-line or interactive document that can guide a child through learning process. Children learning plans are mostly developed by older siblings at times in collaboration with parents, teachers and so forth. The learning plans aid children to achieve