Essays on Les Blancs

Burnout Issue in Nursing

(National and International Level) Introduction Burnout has no positive aspects for the person experiencing it or those around them and since the 1970s; burnout is widely considered a contributing factor in worldwide nursing shortage and reduced quality of patient care. The following sections discuss the burnout issue in nursing at

International Human Right

12UN and Women’s Rights Promotion UN Role in Promoting Women’s Rights Introduction Human rights are rights underlying every human being irrespective of their nationality, sex, colour, language, place or residence, ethnic origin or any other status (Koehler, 2016). Every human being is protected through human rights in un-discriminatory manner and

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The Australian Government introduced a Carbon Tax

Australian Approach on Reducing Emissions Introduction Governments and institutions formulate and implement different policies focusing on aspects that affect the developmental and social objectives. Reducing emissions from fossil fuel is an integral component of the society and economic sector because of negative impact on the environment. The Australian government and

Climate Change Economics and Policy

Climate Change Economics and Policy Introduction Environmental changes encourage formulation and implementation of different policies and frameworks. Some of the common policies are the Carbon Tax and Direct Action. The aim of the essay is to discuss motivating factors towards embracement of these policies. In addition, the paper compares and