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Essays on Legal And Ethical Issues In Robotics

Cost and Management Accounting

Abstract Budgeting plays an important role in helping an organization’s activities. Budgets have systems which serve as the whole organization comprehensive financial plan. Organization’s budgets are made through a budgeting process which ranges from being a fairly informal process to elaborate detailed task. Managers are continually using budgets to plan,

Student’s Name

5Ethical Problems of Artificial Intelligence ETHICAL PROBLEMS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Abstract The world has witnessed increased research in artificial intelligence to produce devices that have human-like capabilities. Such devices can perform a myriad of applications in many diverse fields. However, the development of AI-enabled devices raises several ethical issues including

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Brain Implants

10BRAIN IMPLANTS Brain Implants Brain Implants According to David Cyranoski (2016) brain or neural implants have enabled paralysed monkeys to walk in pioneering experiment by Gregoire Courtine and colleagues in China. Again, Linda Geddes states that pioneering neural implants have restored a paralysed man’s sense of touch in a study