Essays on Lawsuits

Journalism: Libel Chill: How the powerful fight back and what journalist can do about it

Investigative Journalism and the Powerful The fundamental objective of investigative journalism is to ensure there exists, in a democratic society, social justice and ecological sustainability (Craft and Davis 88). Investigative journalists in the U.S and Canada are often seen as watchdogs that, for most of the time, aren’t alert. They

Electronic Discovery

Electronic Discovery Introduction Almost all research studies on litigation have suggested that discovery is the procedure that is most open to abuse (Australian Law Reform Commission 2000). Abuse of the discovery process arises due to issues such as high cost of collecting information, the scale of investigation required, and delays.

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Commercial Law

2Lawsuit Location Accidents involuntarily happen and definitely results in injuries which may either be minor or severe. However, some accidents happen that are beyond human control and in this case, it becomes difficult for the casualty to hold the concerned individuals ransom through legal procedures. Therefore if the litigant decides