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Select a listed shipping company and analyze the strategy they fol lowed for the period of 2000 — 2 014.

General Maritime Corporation Strategy 2000-2014 Table of Content Introduction 2 Evaluation of GMR’s External Environment and its Challenges 3 GMR’s Competitive Advantages 5 GMR’s Strategy since 2000 to 2014 6 6Early Years 6Tanker Segments Strategy 7Chartering Strategies 8Acquisition and Consolidation Strategy 9Conclusion References 10 Introduction General Maritime Corporation (GMR) is


Ship Design and Construction Ship design is the process where inland waterways or marines transportation problems. The problems are characterized through transporting the given flow of cargo from different points. The design of a ship specifies all the systems required for the dimensioned ship. The development occurs through the necessary

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Ship Propulsion and Ship Manoeuvrability

Ship propulsion and Ship Maneuverability Range of conventional rudder configurations Spade rudder This type of rudder is usually fixed to the stock only at the top of the rudder. The spade rudder unlike some of the rudders does not run along the span of the rudder. About 40% of the

International Shipping

International Shipping 4 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING International Shipping Research Question: What, in your opinion, is the future of Container Shipping, in the next two years, (2016/17) in respect of supply and demand? Introduction Container shipping industry did come into existence in the 1950s. Since the late 1960s, the container shipping industry

Create a marketing research plan for Royal Caribbean International cruise ship The Explorer of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International Customer Satisfaction Survey Marketing research plan Table of Contents 2Introduction 2Research Objectives 2Questionnaire 7Survey Administration Plan 7Ethical considerations 7Conclusions 8References Introduction Royal Caribbean International wants to achieve a rating of 5 stars in customer satisfaction for which it wants to conduct a research that can help it