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Influenza (viral )

Influenza (viral ) Bodily System Affected Immune System: Cytokines that are released by the immune system. Cytokines cue the hypothalamus in the human brain and in turns its raise the body temperature, which inactivates or slow down the enzymes that are involved in viral replication (Dolin, 2008). Respiratory System: The

Peter Smith, a 19 yr old uni student, was suffering from influenza and visited his GP. He said he began to feel unwell 2 days earlier and his condition had worsened since, with an acute onset of a sore throat(pharyngitis). One examination the following

Case Study ­­­Case Study Peter Smith, a 19 year old uni student, was suffering from influenza and visited his local GP. He said he began to feel unwell two days earlier and his conditioned has worsened since, with an acute onset of a sore throat (pharyngitis). On examination, the following

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Liu J, et al. Use of MDCK cells for production of live attenuated influenza vaccine. Vaccine (2009). doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2009.06.024 This is an excellent paper, published in a very significant journal and written by one of the leading researc

Production of live attenuated influenza vaccine using MDCK culture cells Section 1: summary of the Liu, et al Article The main focus of this article is the justification of the need for a new approach in the field of influenza vaccine production, due to a possible outbreak of an influenza

Spanish Influenza Pandemic (1918-1920)

What was the impact of the Spanish influenza pandemic (1918- 1920) Spanish Influenza pandemic was recorded as the deadliest in the human history1. The impacts of this pandemic also made it termed a national threat by the peace makers. Spanish Influenza pandemic became a national threat after affecting a countable

Review on Influenza and its treatment options

7Influenza flu Influenza in heart transplant patients Lecturer Following the knowledge of the recommendation of the current practice for immunosupressed patients the receive a yearly influenza vaccination, White-Williams, et al (2006) carried out a study to examine some of common clinical practices as well as outcomes that characterizes heart transplant

Pharmaceutical science — drug development and target

2Hemagglutinin Protein as a Potential New Anti-Influenza Drug Targets HEMAGGLUTININ PROTEIN AS A POTENTIAL NEW ANTI-INFLUENZA DRUG TARGET. By (Author names: first, middle initial, last name) University Academic Qualifications/Course Name Associate professor (Tutor) Academic Institution Assignment submission date/Publication date Influenza virus, grouped into three types: A, B and C depending

An influenza outbreak (swine flu) in the town of cockatoo rest

An Influenza Outbreak Introduction An influenza pandemic burden could overwhelm the health system of a nation (Lautenbach et al, 2010). Additionally, influenza pandemic has the ability to cause societal and economic interruption on a very big scale. With regards to these reasons, every nation is recommended by the World Health

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Student ID: FULL Name: (1 mark) Article: Stockwel, M. S., Westhoff, C., Kharbanda, E. O., Vargas, C. Y., Carmargo, S., Vawdrey, D. K. & Castano, P.M. (2014). Influenza vaccine text message reminders for urban, low-income pregnant women: A randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Public Health, 104(S1), e7-e12. Q1. What

The assignment need to include the analysis of the SIR models or TIF model. Among all those disease, based on the information given, I may choose to do the influenza topic.

SIR model to determine influenza treatment or prophylaxis using Rimantadine or Amantadine Antiviral treatment of influenza with rimantadine and amantadine has been associated with influenza A viruses that are drug-resistant (Hayden et al, p1696; Mat et al, p 988; Houck et al, p533). The drug-resistant viruses’ impact and the probability

URGENT! Risk, Crisis and Communication -Assessment 2 Research Practical Strategy

Introduction A risk strategy plays a critical role in pandemic and epidemic control. It has been suggested that a risk strategy which includes crisis communication should be given prominence in response to outbreaks (Gamhewage, 2014). Risk strategies in high-concern situations are responsible for assembling information that motivates public health interventions

Calculation of 50% Egg infectious dose of influenza virus (TCID50)

Virology Test 6 UNIT CODE: Virology Test Title/technique: calculation of 50% egg infectious dose of influenza virus. The test was performed so as to identify the virus augmentation in the rudiment chicken eggs and also verify the contagion of the mock-up of the influenza bug. Introduction In this experiment, we


Imрlеmеntаtiоn оf Disеаsе Соntrоl аnd Prevention Роliсiеs Imрlеmеntаtiоn оf Disеаsе Соntrоl аnd Prevention Роliсiеs Summary of Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus In 2013, the first outbreak of avian influenza in humans was identified in China. Thereafter, several such outbreaks transpired in that country. Since September 2016, there had been a

Current Challenges in Infectious Diseases

Introduction The Border plan control measure of HINI 2009 Influenza According to Australian Government Department of Health and ageing (AHMPPI) 2010, a1 pandemic is an epidemic that has been acknowledged to have spread to vast regions and countries. An epidemic is an infectious contagious disease that has thrived over many