Essays on Industrial Relations


Analysis on Etisalat industrial relation Etisalat Company industrial relations Introduction Industrial relations can easily be defined as the management of the employee-employer relationship. If the relationship between the employer and employee is not well managed, conflicts will arise which are not healthy for the work relationship. Employees are allowed to

Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations 7 Industrial Relations Definition of industrial relations “Industrial relationship is the composite result of the attitudes and approaches the employers and employees towards each other with regard to planning, supervision, direction and co-ordination of the activities of an organization with a minimum of human efforts and friction, with

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International industry relations

Consolidating and Critically Analyzing the Research Literature Affiliation Student Name: Shixiang Peng, ID: 16330857 Student Name: Yiwei Song, ID: 17352849 Student Name: Yuting tong, ID: 17352938 Student name: Sun, ID: Topic: International Industry Relations Author(s) and year of publication Raghuramapatruni Radha and R.V Reddy, 2012 C. Olive and A. Weilier,

Internetional industrial relations

Assessment Task 1 –Individual task — ‘Individual research and critical analysis’ Tutorial (Day & Time): Sheikh Abdur Rahim Year of publication: Volume, Issue, Pages: Title of Article: International Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations: A Framework for Analysis Title of Journal Publication: ASA University Review Identify at least three key

Industrial Relations

PART (A) 1-In contrast to the sensational, collectivist and conflictual interpretation of industrial relations, the reality is quite different. Briefly discuss. (Lecture note 1) Industrial relations are about work interaction between the employees and employers. There is a strong impression that industrial relations are sensational, collectivist and conflictual. This is

Industrial Relations

Respect for authority in industrial relations comes from the process of socialization. In life we learn to respect the authority of parents, teachers and our bosses (Rogers and Streeck, 2009). However, Grace’s friends fail to recognize her power as legitimate and thus do not respect her decisions. First, her friends