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Topic: Food Diary and Reflective Discussion

Topic: Food Diary and Reflective Discussion Part A: Food Diary Time of Day Food/drink Consumed Water (8-10 cups) Grains Cereal (4+ serves) Vegetable & Legumes (5+serves) Fruit (2+serves) Milk, yogurt, cheese(4serves) Meat, fish, poultry(Substitutes)(1-11/2 serves) Extra foods; sweets, etc (2serves) Bowl of Nutri Grain with some milk Cup of coffee


Lesson Plan Indigenous Education Pedagogical Statement I embedded connectedness as an Indigenous perspective within the lesson for the situation of a native Torres Strait Islander class, from Queensland Government case study of “A Week on Badu Island” at the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. This case was specifically suitable for

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Reflective Diary

Reflective Diary At the beginning of the course, I had no idea what to expect. I was naïve and unsure of what I wanted to achieve. Things were new to me and I was irresolute of what I wanted. Throughout the course, I can confidently say that I have learnt

Advanced Project Risk Management

The pre workshop assignment requires you to prepare a report that examines a risk that eventuated on a project that you were involved with. The risk that you will be examining can be from previous work experience or a social project you were involved with. You will only be examining


HAPPINESS CONSULTANCY Introduction Happiness is a result and combination of activities that trigger and enact happiness to a person. The state of emotional well-being and joyfulness classifies an individual as happy and creates a rapport in which he/she can interact and affect happiness to others. These activities that lead to

Reflective Diary (Managing Change and Innovation)

4Change and Innovation REFLECTIVE DIARY MANAGING CHANGE AND INNOVATION MANAGING CHANGE AND INNOVATION Introduction The most common concepts that come to mind when we speak of organizational change are change, quality, expertise, creativity, and innovation. In the past few decades, a number of different models have developed to bring about

Reflection Learning Journal

REFLECTION LEARNING JOURNAL Reflection A learning journal is an accumulation of notes, perceptions, recollections and other relevant materials developed over a timeframe and for the most part, supplement a time of study, a situation experience or fieldwork. Its motivation is to improve your learning through the very procedure of composing