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Educating Globally Educating Globally Globalization in education leads to the rapid growth of modernization and adoption of the traits of the western societies. Learning theories and processes have changed, especially in the digital age. Saudi Arabia is looking towards reforming the education system in the achievement of vision 2030. The


PSYCHOLOGY- GREENTHORPE PUBLIC SCHOOL Student’s indiscipline is a problem that has confronted the entire world. Indiscipline can be noticed among students in various learning institutions and universities. Everybody including political leaders, educationists, parents and social reformers seemed to be concerned about this great evil. Schools have setup different policy framework

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Analysis of site social context

7Analysis of the site social context Analysis of site social context Analysis of site social context Introduction The City of Sydney is looking at the possibility of having an integrated site with various learning facilities. These facilities include a preschool, a culinary school, an arts school and a computer learning

Reform design paper:Intervention and remediation plan(parental involvement )

Parental involvement in school management School reform refers to the transformation of public education to increase student success in learning institutions (Baum, 2003). For instance, parental involvement is a school reform initiative that aims to involve parents in the functioning of schools such as in the methodologies of teaching and


Classroom Management Plan Affiliate Institution: Behaviour Management Planning Matrix Behaviour Strategies (Steps to be followed) Reasons why Disturbing other students Issue a warning to the student If the issue persists, send him or her out the class as a punishment. Deal with the student personally so that it would not


Child disciplinary program Introduction Child disciplinary program aims at equipping a child with learning skills through play with regards to research and philosophy like the one for Jean Piaget. This philosophy says that play meets the child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. In fact, the children’s curiosity and imaginations

Use of physical punishment on children

9PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT AND CHILDREN Analyzing Physical Punishment on Children Introduction The use of corporal punishment for children has proven a source of myriads of debates, views and controversies since time immemorial. While billions of people argue for a complete ban of corporal punishment, a good section of the world yet

Addressing the Criteria

My approach to Classroom Management Research based classroom management is essential and must be integrated in classroom situations to help teacher deliver effective. As postulated by Jones and Jones (2012) effective teaching and learning cannot happen in a poorly managed classroom. Effective classroom management strategies support and are instrumental in