Essays on Indian Constitution

Racist comments as crimes or delicts in South African law

Racist Comments as Crimes in South Africa Law Background Racist comments that crimes have existed throughout the South African history. Mahatma Gandhi had a strong belief that the Europeans races alongside with the Indians race considered themselves more much superior than black people’s race. The white government oppressed the black

Compair a range of criminal justice systems

COMPARE A RANGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS Interrelationship : Aboriginal & Australian justice system : The recognition of aboriginal customary laws under the Australian Criminal justice system is just confined to acknowledgement of just the traditional physical punishments at the stage of sentencing. It all depends upon the interpretation and

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Australian Constitution

4Australian Constitution Why was a Bill of Rights excluded from the Australian Constitution at Federation? Australian Constitution At the time of its conception, under the Federation, the Australian constitution did not contain a Bill of Rights, even though most of the document was tailored according to the American constitution. It

Country report

Country Report: India Country Report: India Table of Contents 31.0 Introduction 42.0 Country Profile 42.1 Geographic 42.2 Demographic 52.3 Political systems 52.4 Legal systems 62.5 Economic systems 73.0 Economy 84.0 Cross-Cultural, Ethics and CSR 84.1 Culture 94.2 Ethics 104.3 Corporate social responsibility 105.0 International trade picture 116.0 Foreign Direct Investment

Aboriginal( Indian )issues in Canada

Introduction According to the Canadian Constitution Act, 1982 (section 35), aboriginal peoples are defined as the “Indian, Inuit and Metis peoples of Canada.” Aboriginal Indians are divided into two; Registered or Status Indians and Non-Status Indians (Warry 32). Registered Indians are those registered or entitled for registration as Indians according