Essays on India

McDonald’s India

6STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK McDonald’s India McDonald’s India McDonald’s is the world’s number one marketer of fast foods. The American company was founded in 1940 and is today a global brand operating in more than 120 nations across the globe, where it has established more than 30,000 stores serving at least 45

Demographics of India and China

Demographics of India and China Demographics of China and India Today the population in China is 1,410,217,000 and is expected to increase to 1,462,058,000 by 2050. On the other hand, that of India is 1,230,484,000 and by 2050 it is expected to be 1,572,055. These results show that population growth

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FDI and India

FDI in India Introduction According to the 2013 AT Kearney FDI confidence index, India was the fifth most attractive FDI destination in 2012 (AT Kearney, 2013). According to AT Kearney (2013), India received over $25.5 billion in FDI inflows. British Brewer Diageo obtained a controlling stake in United Spirits for

Turkey vs. India

India and Turkey are two countries that can be regarded as having comparable political environments. Both India and Turkey are multiparty democracies headed by prime ministers. In both countries religion and politics form an intriguing mixture. Furthermore, the populations in both countries are also characterized by people from diverse ethnic


INDIA/PAKISTAN DOCUMENTARY Crossing The Lines: Kashmir, Pakistan, India is one of the most informative and resourceful documentaries that will be analyzed in the essay. This is a vital documentary film that was by Zia Mian and Pervez Hoodbhoy and was produced for the Eqbal Ahmad Foundation, 2004. The film runs