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5Language Schools Lecturer Introduction Language schools are institutions where learners study foreign languages. Mainly the learning leans towards communicative competence but not limited to that. The learning supplements the general education as well as bettering the existing knowledge of a language. Learners vary from all ages, languages, education backgrounds and

Comparative Reflection

Comparative Reflection On analyzing my bilingual self and that of my classmate, there is an exhibition of many differences as compared to the few similarities which have been exhibited. The major difference is that my classmate is an elective, unbalanced bilingual while I am a balanced bilingual. Unbalance bilingual is

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Auditor independence 3 AUDITOR INDEPENDENCE Auditor Independence Audit failure is a prevalent problem in today’s financial world. It is a situation whereby an audit is wrongly stated in a company’s account claiming they are correct when for a fact they are false. It is not until the failure is investigated

Auditor Independence

Introduction The regulatory framework in Australia over all publically listed companies require that all disclosing entities to prepare and audit financial reports in every financial year. The corporations act 2001 sect 301 specifically requires that the auditor provide an audit report subject to the requirements of the ACT. Further, there