Essays on Income Tax


Analysis of income tax The law of taxation provides that companies need to file returns according the guidelines of Internal revenue service’s as well as the companies must depict the notion that due as well as the income tax payable on the basis of generally accepted accounting principles as well

Accounting for income tax

MAA716 Assignment Proforma T2 2017 Assignment 1 Part A – Accounting for Income Tax Requirement 1 Insurance costs Many companies tend to prepay their insurance premiums, therefore, only the insurance paid is deductible in deriving the taxable income. In the case of prepaid insurance, which is paid in prior accounting

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Should the United States Convert to a Zero Personal Income Tax? Zero Personal Income Tax Income is defined as the tax that the government imposed on incomes earned by individuals and corporate. Individual income tax varies depending on the amount an individual earns while corporate taxes are calculated based on

Income Tax 3

Income Taxation Income Taxation Income by Ordinary Concept According to, various forms of income are strictly defined by their characters. Income by ordinary concept is, therefore, characterized as an income that is different from any form of capital gain. This mainly because ordinary income can be counterbalanced through standard

Income Tax Law

INCOME TAX LAW Question 1: Why payment in FCT v Dixon was assessable income but Payment in Scott was not Income has not been defined by statute; however, the Macquire Dictionary defines it as ‘the returns gained periodically in particular annually from a person’s work, property, revenue from business or

Income Tax Return

INCOME TAX According to section 4-17 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (‘ITAA97’) states that taxable income =assessable income less deductions. Section 8-1 states that one can deduct from assessable income any loss or outgoing to the extent that; it is incurred in the gaining of assessable income or

Income Tax Law and Practice

INCOME TAX LAW AND PRACTICE 7 Income Tax Law and Practice Income Tax Law and Practice i) It is ideal for Chesters to return for tax purposes on accrual ground. As explained in the case, Chesters does not only make sales on cash basis. Indeed, apart from cash, there are


Income Tax Implications Income Tax Implications Mike The $ 2000 incurred in feasibility studies will accrue no tax since the income tax rates for 2014/2015 outline that those who incur incomes between 0 and $ 18200 are not susceptible to income taxation. This is also the case since with an

Income tax law

Income tax law INCOME TAX LAW Location: The type of accounting method that Chester should depend on its turnover according to the section 29-45 of the Goods and services act the commissioner permits a business to account for goods and services taxes on a cash in a number of circumstances.

Income Tax Law and practice

Income tax consequences The issue Allan being popular with the elderly patients in the town is regularly given homemade cakes and scones along with his fee. One day he treats a local wine maker’s dog for snake bite when the vet is unavailable and is given a dozen bottles of

Principles of Income Tax Law

TAXATION LAW Question 1 The sale of land on the 1st July 2010 purchased 25 years earlier in New South Wales (NSW). The land was acquired before 20th September 1985 hence it is not subject to capital gain tax. The proceeds from the sale of the land is the realisation

Income Tax Law

Income Tax Law 5 Income Tax Law Income Tax Law Whether or not the three payments are income from personal exertion: The three payments include the $10,000 payment Daily Terror Newspaper offers Hilary for her to write her life story about her mountain climbing, the amount of $5,000 she receives


Income Tax Law As pertains to International Tax Agreements Amendment Bill (NO.1) 2011, an agreement between the commissioner of Cook Island and Australia was established regarding taxing certain income from both jurisdictions, (Kobetsky, 2011). In this Bill, there is an agreement between the Australian authorities and Cook Island Authorities on

Income tax

14Income Tax INCOME TAX Tax Reconciliation for the year ended 30 June 2016 Accounting profit before tax Add: Provision for Doubtful debts Add: Accounting Depreciation Less: Depreciation for Taxation purposes (1,050,000) Less: Prepaid Insurance (290,000) Provision for Warranty Provision for long service leave Taxable Income 1,109,000 Tax at 30% For