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Commentary: the leader council leader of Natural Resources says that environmental protection is not an adherent issue. Governor LePage wants to attack Maine’s environment where Mainers together with visitors go to enjoy the splendor of lakes, rivers, coasts, parks, forests, mountains and wildlife. The governor declares in public a great

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9Australian Independence Introduction to Australian Law 25th, March, 2010. Introduction “The Queen of England is the Queen of Australia”, but is Australia still a colony of England? Before the British colony in 1788, Australia had about 500 000 Aboriginal people speaking 600 to 700 different languages. These different languages differentiated

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Running Head: DEBATES IN AUSTRALIAN HISTORY 6 Question One: What does Martin argue about the independence of the East India Company from the government? Introduction 1893, p.59). He continue to urge that with the provision of exclusive rights to individuals involved in trading a working network of factories or warehouses

Australian Constitution/Government

7Australian Constitution/Government Australian Constitution/Government Australian Constitution/Government Introduction The hybrid nature of Australian government is perceived to have been derived from American constitutional system of federal arrangement as well as from British parliamentary government. However, the nature of Australian Constitution arrangements is deeper than this. Australian’s system of government has a

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History 11 The Impact of Colonialism from Philip to Macquarie Submission date: Code of the course: Name of the course: Name of the Instructor: Name of the Student: Contents 31.0 Introduction 42.0 Analysis 42.1 Chronology of Events from the Arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 to the Departure of

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3Australian Federalism Australian Federalism The Name of the School (University) The City and State where it is Located The Australian federal system is composed of six states and several territories; formally known as Commonwealth of Australia. Australia achieved the federal state since 1901 as founded by the Commonwealth constitution. This